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Adult Ministry

Our Sunday school classes are offered on Sunday mornings following our worship service. Our goal with these classes is to always teach how to think through life applications of the Truth as we study God's Word through scripture. We teach the Bible and its contents (or doctrine) on a rotating basis, and our current studies are listed below.

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Sunday School Classes

2nd Corinthians

Time: 11:15am

Location: Fellowship Hall

Taught By: Rich Papworth

2 Corinthians is probably the most neglected of Paul’s epistles in terms of in-depth study, yet it provides unique insights about perseverance under trials, the nature of Christian service, evangelism, and Spirit-led giving. It is Paul’s most personal and autobiographical letter, demonstrating the privileges and pressures of Christ-centered ministry. Thus, it is an important letter for all who wish to be involved in any kind of Christian ministry.

Effective Parenting in a Defective World

Time: 11:15am

Location: Classrooms A and B

Facilitated By: Josh and Abigail Khoury

Are you a parent? Are you a grandparent? Do you now or will you ever have responsibility for a child?

This class is for you! Through eight brief, but superbly practical sessions, Chip Ingram outlines a Biblical framework for parenthood, applicable to parents and children of all ages. Come join Josh and Abigail as we get to know each other: learning, sharing, and growing together as we strive to reflect the gospel to the next generation.

Copies of the study guide will be available for $5 at church!