NCPC Preschool

New Covenant Preschool

Walking in Faith

Teaching with Excellence


Our goal is for our children to LOVE learning as they learn about God's world and how it works.



We want to instill in our children a love for learning. Our preschool takes a developmental approach to learning that will flex the “muscles” of imagination while encouraging each child to become a life-long learner. Our classes engage the children in language arts, math, art, music and physical activity as well as a daily Bible time. 


Laying a strong spiritual and academic foundation is important to a child’s future success in life. We take the time to cultivate the basics with our students using both the experience of play as well as structured activity in a small group setting.


Learning to function as part of a larger group is an important preparation for later schooling. We strive to teach our children how to live with and love one another as a school community following in the footsteps of Jesus.